“When I first came to Centered for Life, I met with Steve Temmer. I was suffering with anxiety and depression. He was so very caring and right away I felt like I had made the right choice to come here. Steve shared, not only counseling, but spiritual counsel as well. I knew God’s work was being done here. He suggested that I attend a Bible study that he and his wife, Debby, taught. I’d never been in a small spiritual group before and was very shy. After a few sessions, I became more comfortable and started answering questions on the study. By the end of the first semester, you couldn’t shut me up! My head was not down, but lifted up. After my first group experience, I took two more courses. My confidence and comfort level was elevated. I have also participated with Debby in EMDR sessions. I don’t know what I would have done without my Centered for Life experience. Steve and Debby are truly God’s angels here on earth. I have recommended them to several people. Their healing touch is so powerful and I feel like a new person, unashamed and strengthened. Please pray with me that CFL continues its mission here. I thank God for each one of them.” Client – “Everyone entered the retreat with a very heavy burden upon their hearts. The first step was a lifting of the weight carried by all and it was replaced by a sense of calm and peace with ourselves and one another. We left with a path forward both standing in the exact same place, guided into the future by God.” Marriage Retreat Attendee – “God spoke with me and gave me His insight into my trials which has truly changed my life and given me hope. The weekend gave me the opportunity to be in a setting where I could hear him – I don’t think I could have done so otherwise.” Renew: Women’s Retreat Attendee – “As the pastor of Rhema Community Church, it is a privilege to serve in ministry alongside CFL. It takes a tremendous load off of my heart knowing that when I have families or individuals that have deep hurts and deep wounds, CFL will provide, not just counseling, but biblical counseling and biblical direction, pointing them towards healing in Jesus Christ. Our church is honored not only to provide financially for CFL, but consider it a true privilege to pray for them on a weekly basis. We are grateful for the vision that God has given Steve and Debby and look forward to serving our community with them for many years to come.” Curtis Geary, Pastor of Rhema Community Church – “On Sunday morning… I remember thinking , “THIS is what church is supposed to be like!” Authentic, transparent- Christ- honoring . It was a sacred moment. And all the instruction was very applicable to our real- life struggles in marriage and other relationships. The reminder that when God is central (on the throne) and we are not was an extremely valuable reminder!” Marriage Retreat Attendee – “Being the Directors of The Remedy Project means that on a daily basis Beth and I are in the trenches working with folks whose lives are in chaos as a result of their addictive behaviors. Although this is the calling God has placed on our lives, and we do love the work, at times we can feel overwhelmed, frustrated and confused. It’s at those times that Beth and I are so blessed to have Steve and Debby Temmer at Centered for Life as a resource. Steve and Debby have been a safe place for us to run. The wisdom and ministry experience that they are so willing to share with us, has been one of our most valuable resources.  The Remedy Project is very grateful to have Centered for Life as a partner ministry.” John and Beth Keen, Directors The Remedy Project, Brunswick, GA – “Centered for Life has literally been a life saver for couples and families in our church! The partnership we have enjoyed with this ministry has provided a wonderful resource as we seek to strengthen marriages and families. St. Simons and Glynn County are blessed to have this Christ-centered counseling ministry in our community.” Steve Patton, Wesley at Frederica  – “I became a Pastor primarily because I wanted to teach the Bible to people, but was surprised by how little of my time is actually able to be spent doing that. There is so much pain and so many hurting people that much of my time is invested in counseling. Often the needs of the people are beyond my capabilities or the sheer volume is just more than I can handle and it is crucial that I have trusted and trained counselors to whom I can refer people. Having people like Steve & Debby and their staff and partners available is huge. I can’t imagine trying to do ministry without a resource like them.” Jay Hansen, Sr. Pastor The Chapel, Brunswick, GA – “Steve Temmer from Centered for Life has served as a catalyst to both my personal faith journey and my pastoral leadership. His encouragement and challenge has helped me deepen my connection with Christ and equipped me to provide more authentic leadership for my community of faith. Knowing that I have both an advocate and friend in Steve has provided me with a sense of confidence that empowers me to take important next steps in my development as a person and leader.” Terry Timm, Lead Pastor Christ Community Church, Pittsburgh, PA – “The work of Centered For Life has been a pillar of support for myself personally and for The GP as a whole. I can give testimony that through my meetings with Steve, I have grown in wisdom and been given tools to strengthen my walk with the Lord and my marriage. Being a pastor with the many challenges our current culture presents is not easy. There is an ocean of chaos out there filled with confusion, temptation, frustration and pain. Our goal, if we are to stand strong and stay true to our calling, is not to run away from the oceans of chaos, but rather to learn how to swim and stay afloat in them. This is why Centered For Life is such a crucial ministry: is dedicated to teaching us how to stay afloat in the oceans of chaos. Yes, God has pronounced his victory over the storm, but He has now tasked the church with implementing His victory. If we are to do that as the church, we need the right tools to navigate the waves of life. I am encouraged and filled with hope by knowing that Centered For Life is a resource where individuals can learn the necessary skills to be prepared and balanced when the storms come.” Lucas Ramirez, Executive Director The Gathering Place, Brunswick, GA – “I know as a pastor, I am always grateful to have partners in ministry like Steve and Debby that we can refer people to when needed.  Their hearts and experience to offer counsel, coaching, healing and soul care have brought help too many.  They both offer unique gifts to serve the body of Christ, as well as making a great team together to minister to couples.  I am grateful they are serving in our Glynn County community.” David Yarborough, Sr. Pastor St. Simons Community Church St. Simons Island, GA – “Steve and Debby Temmer are profound gifts to the Body of Christ and our local community.   They both have tremendous hearts of mercy and compassion in desiring to care for the lost, the wounded, and broken.   As a person serving in full-time ministry, I find it very difficult to find a place where I feel safety in confessing my own struggles and failures.  Steve and Debby provide that to so many and have become a trusted, life-giving environment for many who need counsel, leadership, and personal guidance.  Their counsel and guidance is based on God’s Word so I know that it provides a foundation of truth and security.” Fred McKinnon, Former Worship Pastor St. Simons Community Church St. Simons Island, GA
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