Considering Counseling?

Inevitably, life brings its share of challenges. We provide counseling services to children/adolescents, adults, couples, and families for a wide array of presenting issues in order to assist you as you navigate life. We view counseling as a collaborative process in which you, the client, work with one of our team members to engage in the work of striving for an improved state of well-being. A list, though not exhaustive, of common reasons people seek counseling appears below:

Are you thinking about seeking counseling?

Perhaps you are new to the idea of seeking counseling to work through the challenges in your life. This section is dedicated to introducing the process of change to someone new to counseling. In the late 1970’s, C.C. DiClemente and J.O. Prochaska developed a six-stage model of change that can help you understand your readiness to begin to work through the struggles you may be facing.

The six stages of the model include:

Whether you are early in your journey into wellness or somewhere along the way, we invite you to contact us for the help and support that is much needed to successfully change.

Potential Clients

The broad scope of our expertise allows us to assist many different clients, ranging from individuals and families to organizations. We are equipped to provide assistance to the following and more: