Workshops & Groups


Year-round groups are available for youth and adults. You can find out more about what we’re offering and how to sign up by visiting this page.

Community Connection Workshops

Each month (Jan-Apr and Aug-Oct), Centered for Life provides a FREE workshop open to the public. Each month focuses on a different topic, offering encouragement, information, and practical application on various areas in life. Check out our events calendar for upcoming topics and dates, or RSVP for the next workshop here.

Other Workshops We Offer

We provide rich, unique workshops, group therapy and seminars focused to meet the needs that the group might have. These seminars often incorporate our areas of expertise in order to meet your goals for the session(s). Seminars can range from a few hours to multiple days or weeks.  They can be focused on mental health related issues or be geared towards spiritual, and/or psychology needs. If you are interested in a workshop, group or seminar, it is recommended that you contact our office in order to discuss how we might create something that best suits your desires or to join in one of the on-going groups or workshops. Please visit our online calendar to view upcoming Workshops and Groups. Examples of previously conducted groups and seminars include: