About Centered for Life

Centered for Life was founded in November 2010 by Steve and Debby Temmer. Steve and Debby have been married since 1983 and have more than 70 years of combined ministry experience. They, along with the Centered for Life team, enjoy investing in people and helping them find freedom in their life.

As a non-profit Christian counseling center, Centered for Life is based in the beautiful Golden Isles of Georgia and exists to provide a safe place to help restore sanity and stability to individuals so they can achieve hope, healing, change, and restoration. We understand that hurt people hurt people, but we also know that healed people can help heal people.

We offer one on one counseling and life coaching, marriage and family counseling, adolescence and youth counseling, clinical and pastoral counseling. We also provide group therapy as well as retreat and conference work. No matter what your need is, we have someone on our team that can sit with you and walk with you thru the issues of life and give you godly counsel.

We also meet with influencers in the community like pastors, missionaries, ministry and community leaders to provide them a safe place where they can be vulnerable, real, and authentic with trusted confidantes to help them navigate their own journey without fear.