Georgia Kellogg

M.S., Ph.D candidate, Board Certified Neurotherapist

After living on Saint Simons Island for over two decades, Georgia joined Centered for Life in January 2020 as a neurotherapist. She holds several degrees in biological sciences and nursing and has worked as a level one surgical nurse specializing in orthopedic and trauma cases throughout Illinois and South Carolina. She obtained a master’s in science and counseling and is currently researching her PH.D. dissertation on early-onset Alzheimer’s. Dedicated to learning, Georgia holds an adjunct position at the College of Coastal Georgia and was nominated for professor of the year in 2018.

Georgia’s greatest passion is spending time with her three adult children as they navigate their academic journeys inspired by her dedication to the sciences. Counseling and neurofeedback were a positive part of her story when she suffered from depression caused by the stresses of divorce. When she is not researching or studying, Georgia paints landscapes, abstracts, and still life art and even participates in a ladies; seasonal competitive fishing team.