My journey to success is one filled with loving relationships, passionate intelligence, and heart-filled commitment. My first step in the door of Centered for Life was one filled with the weight of bearing scars from previous detriments to my overall health. When I walked into CFL, I was immediately met by heartwarming faces who intentionally cared about me as a person. I was known by name. My entire CFL family focused on me as a whole person and invested in a personal relationship that originated in heavenly love. My healing success began with relationships with people who made me a priority.

My CFL family’s love-built foundation developed a structure that fueled an intellectually inspired individualized recovery plan. Georgia passionately prepared a path for me filled with successful evidence-based strategies to grow my whole person. Her role in my development was a craft she refined and deeply cared about. She made me feel important and valued.

The results from my growth at CFL were displayed through a recent mission trip I took to Peru. Sleep deprivation, spiritual encounters, and unexpected places were all previous triggers for my health problems. However, after my experience at CFL, I encountered no negative side effects to my overall health from the trip, even while encountering each of these problems. I had a supernatural peace that filled my physical body enabling me to fulfill my role in the mission trip. I am deeply thankful to my CFL family for caring about me, investing in me, and having great memories together. they will forever be my team to success.