Although I have been coming to Centered for Life for over eight years, I truly had a breakthrough moment this week that I was able to share with Debby during my counseling session.   It was a deeply settled joy that God’s word is true and that He is faithful to fulfill every single promise that He makes. What was remarkable was that in spite of not much changing with the difficulty of my external circumstances, EVERYTHING had changed in my heart.  Not a quick fix change, but the slow and steady change, pruning, refining, trusting and pressing in that comes from hours and hours spent at the feet of Jesus.  

For the first time in eight years, I could genuinely thank God for every single trial and difficulty that created the desperation for more of His presence.  And has led me to this remarkable place of peace and calm in the very midst of the storms of life. 

Centered for Life has created a Kingdom focused atmosphere of prayer and discipleship where the broken places of the whole body/ mind/ spirit can be addressed and healed through qualified and compassionate counseling sessions, EMDR, Neurofeedback and many other options for wellness and soul care. 

We have been blessed to participate in classes and trainings, marriage retreats as well as couples counseling and have our children in counseling sessions regularly.  Also, we were thankful for the resources of Neurofeedback in helping with our son’s learning and behavior issues. 

The atmosphere is peaceful and conducive to healing and the staff are so welcoming and caring. I cannot recommend this beautiful place of healing enough. God has truly used it to encourage and uplift me over these past years and has brought me to a much healthier place in my soul and spirit. 

I am eternally grateful !  ?